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Combining Registered Massage Therapy and The Pilates Method
to restore and maintain your strength, mobility and efficient movement.  

about therapy2motion

Therapy2motion combines a clinically-based massage therapy practice with the principles of exercise-based rehabilitative Pilates. Massage therapy is a hands on approach to treat soft tissue and joint disorders, while relieving pain in all stages of recovery. Rehabilitative Pilates restores muscle balance and correct movement patterns to create a stronger and more energy efficient body. With both acute and chronic injuries, the addition of corrective muscle retraining helps to bridge the gap between assisted help and restoring strong, independent movement for long term physical health.  

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What People Are Saying

  • "Alice Granovsky is a biomechanical wizard who helped me cure my chronic pain and made it fun doing it.
    I only wish I had started earlier" -Bruce G.

  • “Alice has been my secret for a long time. She transformed my body, and the way I use it. Her knowledge of the body and its mechanics is unparalleled. I no longer live in Toronto, but her guidance and wisdom remain with me. She’s more than a therapist/trainer - she’s a healer.” -Nina Lisandrello

  • "When I started seeing Alice three years ago I was suffering from chronic back pain resulting from scoliosis. After years of chiropractic work, standard massage, osteopathy and acupuncture I was still in the worst shape of my life. Alice changed everything. Through my work with Alice my entire body was completely transformed, my posture improved so dramatically that people told me I looked “rejuvenated”, and my glutes started to actually look like glutes for the first time in my life! She is a gift to all who work with her. " -Emily England

  • I began seeing Alice after a motor vehicle accident left me with whiplash and nerve impingement . Before working with Alice I was in unbearable chronic pain, and well on my way to becoming completely disabled at the age of 33. Through my work with Alice I have learned pain management techniques that work around my injuries which has helped me to live a more fulfilling life. I highly recommend that anyone recovering from serious injury and/or chronic pain issues seek her help as she has far surpassed all medical interventions I have received. -Matthew Daniels


What if I don't have a specific injury or Pain?

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