• RMT Pilates

    RMT PILATES RATES (covered by insurance)

    Inital Assesments are $100.00

    30 Min
    45 Min
    60 Min

    Most patients benefit from a 60 min session combining manual therapy and Pilates based exercise. With more acute, painful injuries, a 30 min treatment may be suggested. While chronic or conditions in their late stages of rehabilitation, will benefit from 60 min treatments.

    Insurance Coverage

    Coverage must include Registered Massage Therapy. A invoice will be provided after your session, and is on a per session basis. There is a 24 hour late cancellation policy for all sessions, an invoice will not be provided for a late cancellation as coverage does not extend to sessions that have not been attended.

    Is Pilates Covered Under My Insurance?

    Patients can claim Pilates based therapy only when there are specific exercise goals targeting injury rehabilitation and prevention. Non-rehabilitative pilates and athletic therapy sessions are welcome to single sessions or discounted packages.

    What Should I Expect During an RMT Treatment

    The first 1 hour appointment will be an initial assessment. It’s a time for us to learn about you and find a course for treatment. Subsequent appointments run 30-45-60 min in length, depending on the desired effect of treatment. The sessions will combine soft tissue release and joint mobilization with Rehabilitative Pilates to strengthen and stabilize the manipulative work. Pilates Equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac and Stability Chair, Arc Barrel, foam rollers, and flex bands will be used to aid in the exercise portion of your rehabilitative process.

  • Athletic Training

    Athletic Training

    Inital Assesments are $50.00 - All sessions run 60 min

    Single Session
    5 Session
    10 Session
    20 Session

    Classical Pilates and Athletic Training sessions will not be covered by insurance.
    There is a per-session discount worked into each package price to help minimize your cost.