RMT Pilates

RMT-Pilates is a powerful combination of manual therapy treatment followed by Rehabilitative Pilates, ensuring the effectiveness of the RMT treatment by improving movement patterns, creating long term effects to alleviate pain. For many, back pain can be caused by poor mechanics of the spine or by a weak back and abdominal muscles. For others, a job that requires heavy lifting or sitting all day can be a major influence. Medical conditions, such as arthritis and scoliosis, and trauma or accident induced injuries can limit our daily activities due to pain. Whatever the cause of your pain, a carefully designed RMT-Pilates program will ensure a speedier recovery, and move you towards a stronger and more efficient body.

Common Injuries Treated

These conditions can be treated using a combination of soft tissue release, joint mobilizations and Rehabilitative Pilates.

Lower Back Pain
Disc Herniation
Sacro-Iliac Joint Pain
Hip and Knee Injuries
Foot Injuries
Ankle Sprains

Neck and Shoulder Pain
Rotator Cuff Injury
Carpel Tunnel
Pinched Nerves
Postural Conditions

Muscle Strains
Muscle Weakness
Reduced Joint Range of Motion
Chronic Pain
Tension Headaches


Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is used in all stages of rehabilitation to reduce Pain and stiffness, increase muscle function, correct integral spine and peripheral joint mechanics and restore tissue flexibility. Some examples of modalities used in Manual Therapy are joint mobilizations, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, and pregnancy massage.

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Pilates Based Rehabilitation

In the initial stages of recovery, rehabilitative Pilates is used to strengthen deep muscles that stabilize joints while maintaining your pain free range of motion. As the pain subsides, exercises are used to increase joint mobility and tissue flexibility, muscle strength and is the most powerful tool in training core stability.

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Athletic Training

Corrective muscle retraining isn't just for injury rehabilitation. Correcting faulty muscle patterns will help athletes improve their sports performance, joggers to run faster and stronger, golfers to optimize their swing, gym-goers to increase their lifting potential and range, and those with busy work and home lives to move with less physical strain. Preventing injury is the best way to keep you from slowing down.

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Core studio classes

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Core Studio offers state of the art facilities for individual appointments and Pilates group classes. As rehabilitative treatment goals are met, patients have the option to remain in the same facilities to join group classes.. Core studio offers a wide variety of exercise classes ranging from Precision Mat Pilates to more athletically challenging TRX classes. The studio also offers Pilates Reformer classes ranging from Reformer Precision, Athletic Reformer to Trampoline and Bootcamp Classes. Joining classes is a great way for your practitioner to monitor your post-rehabilitation training as you continue to independently increase your strength, coordination and endurance. The class sizes do not exceed 10-13 students, allowing the skilled Pilates instructors to supervise safe and productive workouts.

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